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Lincoln Agri-Robotics

Innovative robotics research focused on the agricultural sector — developing locally, delivering globally.


Lincoln Agri-Robotics (LAR) is ‘the world’s first global centre of excellence in agricultural robotics’ (UK Innovation Strategy, July 2021), funded by UKRI’s Research England as part of their Expanding Excellence in England (E3) fund. This exciting centre bridges and expands the strong collaborations that exist between two leading research groups at the University of Lincoln: the Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology (LIAT) and the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems (L-CAS).

Our role is to drive support robotic innovation and technical advancement in agriculture, drawing on our network of academic excellence, industry partnerships, and funding organisations. Our areas of research are detailed within our research pages, but below outlines our key challenges that we are working on right now.

Lincoln Agri-Robotics has secured millions of pounds of collaborative grant funding, including major awards from UKRI.

Our mission is to create a world leading centre for agricultural robotics as part of our centre for agri-tech, at the heart of one of the most productive agricultural regions in the UK.

‘Committed to the development of research excellence in pursuit of world class robotic solutions for Agricultural Supply Chain challenges and societies needs.’


A Look to the Future

Our mission is to expand our capability and further embed the Institute in civic society regionally, nationally and internationally – moving from local to global as we strive to solve the challenges of agricultural sustainability.

Regionally, we are creating an agri-tech innovation cluster (Agricultural Growth Zone) in the north of our county. We have a joint vision with the Local Enterprise Partnership, County Council, District Council, Agricultural Society, and agricultural FE College to stimulate regional economic growth.

The development of high-skilled jobs and advanced technologies will attract new talent to our region. By establishing a national Centre of Excellence, we will attract businesses who may co-locate with the Institute – further developing our model of partnership-based research, technology transfer and economic impact.

By 2040, we aim to reach internationally competitive scale in Agri-Food technology – the first institution in the UK to do so – based upon our growing international links and reputation.

Throughout our development, we have combined an integrated
focus on local needs with addressing globally significant problems, for the benefit of UK PLC and humanity as a whole. We will continue to work from local to global as we strive to solve the worldwide challenges of food security and sustainability in the future.


Creating the Future

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